Five Year Celebration with KRMA and krma-USPartners!


What a busy season at krma-USPartners! After our most productive trip ever to Kobulubulu and KRMA, we came home with a laundry list of “to do’s” that have kept our volunteers hopping here in the D.C. area.

 The women farmers of KRMA are completing their fifth year of the Cassava Project which krma-USPartners has funded since 2013.  The women and their families gathered for a lovely celebration led by KRMA Chairperson Beatrice Anebo and KRMA leader Anne Abago.  After reciting our shared history, they presented us with gifts of beautiful dresses and bags, along with shirts for a couple of the special men at USPartners including Board member David Smock.

 We learned about KRMA’s purchase of oxen and the generous gift by MP Veronica Eragu of the plow and necessary hardware, so the women no longer have to rent their oxen from others but can own the resources needed for the future of their project.

Anne Abago and Chairperson Beatrice Anebo

Anne Abago and Chairperson Beatrice Anebo

In addition, the women showed us the bags with their Cassava leaf logo to market their cassava brand.  We were impressed.

What made this trip so special with KRMA was witnessing how well they have integrated the strengths and talents of new members, and were willing to openly share ideas about their dreams for self-sufficiency after we end our support of the Cassava Project at the end of 2020.

Additionally, we spent quite a bit of time listening to ideas from people in the larger community of Kobulubulu Sub-County, which is the area within the District of Kaberamaido where KRMA women live. Especially interesting to us were the conversations we shared at three local government sponsored schools, Opiu Primary, Kakado Primary, and Kobulubulu Secondary.  These are schools first introduced to us by MP Veronica Eragu in 2013 and we have continued our relationships with them over the same number of years as with KRMA. 

 More about these conversations and some of the ideas presented to us in our “end of year summary” which will be coming your way soon.  Remember, we are always open to donations, and request that you remember us as we begin this hectic season of the year. Just click Donate!