krma-US Partners seeks capital investment to support its first project in Kaberamaido District, Uganda. Using an innovative capacity-building model rather than a micro-financing one, the women have no loans to repay. Funds given are matched by KRMA women's time and sweat equity.

The project teaches women to reinvest in their business and their children’s education so they can attain self-sufficiency and avoid dependency on foreign aid. KRMA directs a portion of each harvest's profits into the next harvest’s projected expenses. The women use another portion to pay school fees, ensuring that their daughters and sons can remain in school through secondary school and beyond.

We invite you to join us in
the early years of this exciting partnership!

Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted. Click the DONATE button to use a credit card, or make checks payable to:

krma-US Partners, Ltd.
13217 New Hampshire Avenue, #4291
Silver Spring, MD 20914-4291

Please contact us at with questions. 


Gifts to help specific needs:

  • A gift of $500 provides a plow
  • A gift of $175 provides school fees for one child
  • A gift of $102 pays for plowing or planting one acre
  • A gift of $75 provides one woman’s expenses to attend a training class

Thank you gifts from krma-US Partners:

  • Donate $250 or greater and you can name your choice of a Kobulubulu chicken (see Gallery)
  • Donate $500 or greater and you can name your choice of a Kobulubulu goat/sheep (see Gallery)
  • Attend one of our parties where we share photos and stories and choose a thank you gift for your donation made by a women’s collective


We are seeking sponsors who will make in-kind contributions of:

  • A truck for transporting cassava to market
  • 20 bicycles for children’s transportation to school
  • 10 solar panels for those households not possessing one


Our funding comes from private individuals, grants and institutions in the United States. krma-US Partners, Ltd. is supported by grants from
the Rotary Club of Silver Spring/Kensington, MD;
Christ Congregational Church, UCC, in Silver Spring, MD;
and American Women for International Understanding.

Anne Abago entering family area of KRMA member