Economic Empowerment

The process of making a three-year budget, a business plan and a Memorandum of Understanding was a new experience for many KRMA members but at the signing ceremony in July 2013 they all agreed it had been a significant educational experience. While all the women are excellent savers and money managers, the process taught them many entrepreneurial basics such as asset acquisition (they would like to buy a plow rather than rent one), vertical integration, cost savings, re-investment, long-term planning, wholesale/discount purchasing, negotiation and contract writing.

Several women said they felt the nine-month process had been like a mini-course in understanding economics and would be invaluable in their future endeavors.

krma-US Partners capital funds pay for cassava plants, plowing, weeding, transport to market and transit storage. Capacity building and accountability have been enabled through the purchase of a portable modem and computer for the on-site project manager, and two bicycles for KRMA’s monitoring team.