Children from one of four schools KRMA children attend and we visit each year


A major goal of krma-US Partners is to ensure that all children of KRMA women receive the highest level of education they can achieve. Many of the women of KRMA are literate and educated at least through primary school. Educating their children is a primary concern for the women, and one they insisted be included in the krma-US Partners agreement. A portion of annual revenues from the farm will provide educational support to membersā€™ families, especially focused on keeping the girls in school through high school.

When krma-US Partners suggested that the women could continue their own educations through training classes, the group requested help in gaining knowledge in modern farming techniques, computer skills, accounting and entrepreneurship classes. The women also wanted to gain knowledge in mediation and conflict resolution. They know they face many new problems to solve and decisions to make, and it is important to them to keep their cooperative model strong.