krma-US Partners’ mission is to assist under-resourced women and their families in underserved regions of rural Uganda to grow from subsistence to sustainable economic independence.

krma-US Partners believes that to move from poverty, essential factors are: learning to save money, creating long-term plans, and education. With krma-US Partners’ support, women farmers produce income through agricultural projects to provide for their children’s primary and secondary school education. Our organization offers training in modern farming techniques, computer skills, basic business practices and conflict resolution.

krma-US Partners is an organization headquartered in the Washington, DC area. It is a volunteer organization with no paid employees and is assisted by a consultant-farmer in Uganda.

krma-US Partners’ goal is to improve the capacity of KRMA to become a sustainable economic entity in the community and to enable its members to become effective, productive citizens.

KRMA leadership team with krma-US Partners representatives: Front row: Judith, Lois, Beatrice, Monica. Back row: Anne, Lindsey, Proscovia

Above: Veronica Eragu translating from Kumam into English during signing of MOU between KRMA and krma-US Partners, 2013