Teaches Women to
Envision a Future,
Set Goals and Make Plans

krma-US Partners is an organization founded in 2013 to help under-resourced rural women in existing women’s cooperatives in Kaberamaido District Uganda move toward economic sustainability and send their children to primary, secondary school and beyond.

Lois Stovall, the founder and president of krma-US Partners, selected Kobulubulu Ribere me Mon Association (“KRMA”), a village savings and loan group, as krma-US Partner’s first project. The board reviewed their proposal for an agricultural Cassava Project with goals to improve the lives of KRMA families, as well as the surrounding community.

As the women farmers of the Cassava Project develop their capacities for discipline, organizational oversight, teamwork and accountability, krma-US Partners plans to identify new projects with other women’s cooperatives in rural Uganda.