Great trip to Kobulubulu! Thank you Donors!

All of us at krma-USPartners say THANK YOU! 

Your interest and contributions make all our work with the women of KRMA possible. We have so much news to share from our three weeks in Uganda!

Since our launch of the Cassava Project in 2013, this third monitoring trip was the most productive yet. We can see the progress and feel the women’s growing determination to learn and improve. After our visit with each KRMA member, krma-USPartners’ Board member Dayna Brown Majarowitz, a first-time traveler to Kobulubulu, said, “The commitment of these mothers to their children’s education is so clear. They are so motivated to produce income for school fees.”


As we approached KRMA’s headquarters on the first day, we could see waving cassava fronds amid a sea of yellow dresses. The KRMA women’s dancing and singing could be heard as the Land Rover negotiated the rutted path through the fields. 

While Dayna and I arrived for our once-a-year visit, our Agricultural and Management Consultant Arthur Kiiza visits and advises the women on regular intervals throughout the year. On this occasion, the three of us will meet with each KRMA member at her home. We will visit two sets of crops, the cassava nearing harvest, and the second acre that won’t be ready for another season. 

Our belief is that the staggered production cycle will provide an increase in income adequate to pay a greater portion of the school fees for each family. The first harvest produced more funds than the women had ever generated before, and moved KRMA a step closer to their goal of having adequate revenues for every single school age child to stay in school through a secondary level of education. 

In future posts, we will discuss the findings of our trip including

▪ Educational data re: KRMA children in school,

▪ Costs paid by KRMA women for school fees,

▪ Business development training offered by Dayna,

▪ Discussions about expanding supplemental sources of income,

▪ Delivery of 100 reusable feminine sanitary pads to keep girls in school,

▪ Review of new scholarship application process for a KRMA daughter,

▪ Expanded leadership opportunities and skill development by KRMA

Photos from the 2016 Trip will be posted in the Gallery. And more frequent news will show up at